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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your assets under management?
As of December 31, 2013, total assets under management for Mercury Investment Group were $34 million.

Who are your representative clients?
Many of our clients have given us permission to use their endorsements and we do so carefully. Please contact us to obtain our endorsements.

What is the expected annual portfolio turnover for the Large Cap Growth strategy?
We would expect annual turnover in the 3%-12% range. Historically, turnover has averaged less than 6%.

What steps do you take in the Large Cap Growth Strategy to minimize the realization of capital gains for taxable accounts?
Our low turnover is the primary step. Additionally we pay attention to available lots to sell34, and look for opportunistic tax loss harvesting (considering opportunity risks associated with wash sales rules.)

Describe the tax efficiency of the Large Cap Growth strategy.
The Large Cap Growth strategy is managed for capital appreciation. Minimizing taxable gains is not the primary goal of the strategy, but is taken into consideration. Historically, the portfolio has had favorable tax efficiency because stocks sold for a gain have been held longer that a year (taxed at the 15% rate) and stock sold for a loss are typically short term.