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Mercury Investment Group (MIG), was founded in late 2002 by former AutoZone executives Frank Goodman and Robert Hunt. The mission of the firm was to offer a superior alternative to traditional investment research and advice through the utilization of the decades of experience the two executives had gleaned while working with some of the more successful Fortune 500 companies. Their roles in the finance and planning divisions of these companies had offered them unique insights into the financial markets and they were set to put those theories and processes to the test in their own Registered Investment Advisory company. They believed their new investment approach would provide superior investment results to the S&P 500 with slightly less market risk (as measured by Beta). They launched their company with their own funds as well as assets provided by former colleagues, friends, and family.

Drawing from their combined experience of over fifty years in the corporate realm, Bob and Frank developed an objective, disciplined approach to investment management, which marries demographic sales forecasting with fundamental financial modeling. The combination of these processes has led to the development of several strategies with the primary objectives of above market returns with below market risk, and tax efficiency through low turnover. Our process enables us to execute a sound investment methodology employing an individual portfolio of thirty-eight to forty-five large capitalization equities as our primary investment vehicle.

To round out their investment team, Bob and Frank decided to bring on Cecil Godman as a principal of Mercury Investment Group at the end of 2012. Cecil's primary responsibilities will be marketing and client service but he brings over thirty years of investment management and portfolio analytical experience.